Stumbling on Happiness

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Stumbling on Happiness - Was Jesus a feminist? Who really killed Jesus? Did all those miracles actually happen? How do we know who Jesus is? How are we supposed to know what Jesus really said? How does Jesus' Judaism fit in with our salvation as Christians? Questions about the life and times of Jesus Christ, one of the most written-about people of all time, continue to intrigue us two millennia after his death. Between the vagueness of the canonical Gospels and the sensational claims made in modern films and books, what is a Christian to believe about the only Son of God? Employing a popular take on current New Testament scholarship, Jesuit scholar Father Daniel Harrington explores difficult as well as less complicated issues surrounding the life of Christ. By helping us to place Jesus in a historically accurate context, Father Harrington helps us to better understand the real Jesus, and ultimately, our salvation. Fascinating sidebars and engaging questions for reflection and discussion make "Jesus: A Historical Portrait" a must-have book for the individual, small group or classroom.

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